Idolian introduces IdolPad Android tablet PC for less than $100

by Ankit Pandey on January 14, 2012

Idolian now launches the latest Android Tablet IdolPad that has the sleek feel and features. The tablet runs on Cortex A8 Chipset, 512 MB, 1GHz CPU, has the front facing camera, 7 inches screen display, HDMI output and the 360G sensor. The device further features the Android 2.3 operating system and provides WiFi connectivity. The great battery life of the tablet is another feature to note along with the Android Google Market and the Flash Player.

Idolian- the company

Idolian is basically the division of the international telecommunication firm, Idolian Mobile, Inc that terminates the calls all across the globe. Idolian has announced the latest 7 inches tablet PC and the manufacturer cum distributor has its offices in the Newport Beach, Arkansas as well as South Korea. The motto of the company is to offer amazing Tablet PC to the customers that should be priced somewhere between $100 and $299 so that the individuals can easily afford it.

IdolPad Android tablet PC

IdolPad Android tablet PC

Features of the IdolPad

The light weight and compact size of the tablet PC are amazing features and the fast processor makes the device easy to use with the resistive touch display as well. The best part about the tablet is that it can work as MP3 player, video player, game player as well as the eBook reader.

Why opt for IdolPad?

The Director of Sales, Simon Lee reported that IdolPad is indeed the most affordable and cheapest tablet PC which works with Android operating system. the director further added that there are various users who have faced bad experiences with some cheap tablet devices in past but when they use IdolPad, they will surely get the best of experience. Even the device will be accepted by the parents who do not want their kids to be using the iPad. For them, IdolPad will serve as the best tablet PC option.

Warranty and protection plans

It is interesting to note that all the tablet PCs by Idolian are featured with the 1 year warranty services in USA and provides the extended protection plans and warranties for sale on the site.

Like the slogan ‘Tablets for Everyone’, the mission of the company is to be a big brand in the Android tablet PC market and offer the devices that everyone can easily afford. So, if you wish to have the latest tablet PC experience at an affordable price, it is best to get your hands on the 7 inches IdolPad. The device is sure to please all.


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