How to Get Siri on iPhone 4

by Ankit Pandey on January 16, 2012

When iPhone 5 was delayed and not launched by Apple, people felt utterly disappointed. However, iPhone 4S was launched and the most incredible feature that it offered to people was Siri personal assistant. This smart application became a hype as soon as it was first introduced with iPhone 4S. The demand of this application became so much that people even want to get Siri on their iPhone 4. The very first thing that we will tell here is what exactly Siri is and How to Get Siri on iPhone 4.

 What is Siri?

Basically, Siri is known to be an intelligent application and it is more like your personal assistant. It completes your task simply with the help of your voice command. It enables you to schedule meetings, send messages and call people if you want. Unlike other voice recognition features or software, this one is different because it easily understands the natural speech and asks further questions to understand things it didn’t.

It makes use of dual-core A5 chip that is available on Apple 4S. It makes use of Wi-Fi and 3G to communicate as fast as possible.

Installing or Getting Siri on iPhone 4 

Considering the popularity of Siri personal assistant, developers are making plans to offer this application or feature on iPhone 4 as well. So, getting Siri on iPhone 4 and that too legally has become very much possible. Siri therefore has become accessible for not just the iPhone 4S users, but also others such as 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. In order to install Siri on your iPhone 4, the basic requirement is to get your device on iOS 5. This can be done by upgrading iOS on your present mobile.

In order to implement Siri voice assistance, you need to ensure that iOS 5 should be jail-broken. After this jail-breaking has been done successfully, it is important to connect your iPhone 4 to computer with the help of i-Funbox.  Now, you need to copy all files in the folder called ‘AssistantServices.framework’. All the data on the Springboard folder needs to be copied and stored on your device zone.

After this, Cydia needs to be accessed from the location called iFile. Next, you need to access .plist file. In case of your iPhone 4, this will be accessed in the form of N91 or N90. Thereafter new property list should be added and named “Assistant.”

After all these steps have been done carefully, you can get Siri on iPhone 4 easily.

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