Facebook Launches Registration Tool for Quick Social Signups

by Ankit Pandey on December 18, 2010

Facebook launched a new registration tool that allows website owners a quick signup for the non-Facebook users. This new registration tool allows people to register and create an account on Facebook quickly. This tool is of a great help to you if you have a website and want the non-Facebook account visitors an option to create an account or provide information.

With the help of registration tool, the developers can store on Facebook users’ name, location, email addresses or other info. Custom information can be added as well. The Facebook Developer, Paul Tarjan, said, “By minimizing the friction associated with signing up for a new account and making it easy for people to bring their friends with them, we’ve seen that people are more likely to complete the sign up process, stay on sites longer, share more content, and come back more often.”

This tool would help Facebook in getting more number of users registered to an already whooping number of 500 million users.

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Its a nice features by facebook

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