Converting WMV to DVD using the free program

by Ankit Pandey on November 15, 2012

It can be absolutely annoying to work on a video that is found in WMV format. But if you don’t like the WMV format, it is very much possible to convert it into the DVD format with ease. WMV format is actually suitable only for the Internet streaming but if you wish to use clips which are flexible as well as can adapt into the physical-delivery formats like HD and DVD, you can always go for the conversion on the Internet. There are various sources out there which enable you to convert or burn WMV to DVD format.

Very first thing that needs to be done is of course downloading and installing the converter on your computer. Once this installation has been done, it is possible for you to load as well as edit the existing video on it. You can easily launch program from the desktop. It is possible for you to reset order, add titles, trim, rotate or crop as well as also add special effects.

Next thing is to create the menu of DVD. The reason why it is important is because it allows you to manipulate viewing the video after it has been converted. It is possible for you to find the in-built templates in WMV to DVD converters.

Once this has been done, all you need to do is go and preview conversion in order to check whether the ultimate product is as per your expectations or not. In case everything is as per the expectation, you can simply put DVD in computer hard drive and simply click on “burn” option to convert WMV to DVD format. There might even be pop up window that asks you for certain DVD settings. You can alter these settings accordingly and once you are done, you can proceed further. If everything that you have done goes very well, DVD will automatically be ejected for you to test on the normal player.

So this is the way you can use any free program for converting the WMV format into the DVD one. All this can be done with ease.

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