6 bad things about Android that will make you say a NO

by Ankit Pandey on June 27, 2011

If there was one vision that Google had, which has breathed life recently, then that is Android operating system. The amount of propaganda and momentum that this operating system is being able to make is out of nothing. Still many users are hesitant to shift from the regular Windows OS, Symbian OS and other such systems to this Android, but I am sure they will move soon. Being novice as an operating system, there is some more room to make improvements to say a “NO” to Android, if not at least to show some kind of hesitation is accepting to buy a new Android smartphone.

Discussed are some of the problems that need to be taken into consideration:

  1. 1. Android permits apps to run in the wild:

In an Android operating system, the applications have the habit of starting on their own, and many times the user do not get this noticed, ultimately causing them a loss in the battery. This is also possible to happen when someone has hacked into your phone account, but for Android, the chances are high that this might be true, as many users have been complaining lately. This takes a toll on the life span of your battery as well.

  1. 2. Android market is quite disorganized:

Unlike Apple’s application store, the application store that is exclusive for Android is not well organized, and the applications are not subject to stringent scrutinization, that some of the applications can harm your precious phone. The recent application comes on the top in Android application store, and not the best applications come on the top. Also downloading and installing of Android applications is also difficult and is not straightforward.

  1. 3. Lack of consistency:

Android market lacks consistency, which is one of the greatest drawbacks in Google. When you are looking for an application in the Android market, you will find yourself to be on top of your nerves racking your head, trying to get the app name, and spelling correctly. If not, at least the developers name correctly, so that you will have some chance of finding the application that you wanted. When you try to use category search you will not be finding the applications that you saw last time because by then the previous application would have been pushed back by a number of newer applications that are growing in the market.

  1. 4. Easy to kill applications are lagging:

One of the greatest disadvantages of Android applications is that the applications are still not as much user friendly as it should be that you can exit applications or applications that can close tabbed browsing very easily. This causes inconvenience and reduction in the smooth performance of the Android phone.

  1. 5. Android phones are not intuitive:

Many of the smartphones coming into the market these days respond intuitively and this facility has been much appreciated like how you use intuitive text editor for messaging, or the dictionary that helps to reduce the time and effort of pressing the number of buttons you use while messaging by intuitively suggesting word options that you can choose.

  1. 6. Toggling between applications are difficult:

In Android market, one of the greatest drawbacks is that toggling between the applications that are simultaneously opened in your smartphone is difficult as you will require the use of an additional button called the push button, which makes the process tedious and complicated for the user.

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