5 Recommended Firefox add-ons for bloggers

by Ankit Pandey on December 1, 2010

Using Firefox as your Internet browser gives you utmost browsing experience because of its being so simple yet having various significant add-ons. You can also spice up your browsing experience more by installing some missing add-ons to your favorite browser. Installing the missing add-ons would surely redefine your browsing experience.

Five Recommended Firefox Add-ons:-

RSS Ticker

RSS Ticker is a useful add-on that helps bloggers keep abreast with other blogs and source of information. This will enable your Firefox browser with Live Bookmarks in a scrolling mode  across your screen. This means that you will remain updated while browsing without any need of logging in feed reader to have access to RSS feeds.


Similar Web

Sometimes, you wish that there could be same website available as the one you are visiting now. Similar Web is a wonderful add-on that gives you options of various websites available in response to the one you are searching now. Thus, it will help you boost your browser’s efficiency  while researching for article.

This is second and most recommended add-ons for your Firefox browser.


AdBlock Plus

If you are fed up with several mind-teasing flash messages while browsing websites, install AdBlock plus to your browser. This will automatically block unwanted flash adds on your browser.


US English Dictionary

English dictionary is an essential tool for correct use of words both for native and nonnative English speaker. For a blogger, it is crucial as it can give relevant options for the given words which can improve Blogger’s writing skill.


Video DownloadHelper

This Firefox add-on will help you download and convert web videos from different video sites such as You Tube.

Lastly, Firefox is the ultimate choice of millions of Internet users. Adding add-ons to your browser would enhance its productivity. Further, you would also enjoy new and exciting browsing experience with these add-ons.


Do share Which Add-ons you have in Your firefox Browser.

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1 S. S. Sharma April 4, 2011 at 6:46 pm

Quirk search status and seoquake are the must have firefox plugin for bloggers.

2 London Escorts November 19, 2011 at 3:36 pm

I am using ad block plus on my site

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